Digital transformation
as a driver of innovation


DEKRA's strategy also includes actively leveraging the opportunities offered by digitalization. The focus of this is on trends and technologies such as cyber security, future mobility, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Big Data. Key cornerstones of this strategy are the innovation activities of the eight Service Divisions, and in the DEKRA DIGITAL innovation unit. The unit acts as a vehicle for new and effective digital ideas, also making extensive use of collaboration with technology startups and other established companies. An international team is engaged in developing new digital safety services at three locations in Europe. One example is the DEKRA Lift Explorer, a retrofit solution for digital remote monitoring of elevators. Based on permanent monitoring, it helps customers to optimize the efficiency of their elevators, avoid unnecessary maintenance, and thus save money.



DEKRA's core services are also becoming increasingly innovative, digitalized, and optimized. A good example is the "DEKRA i2i" damage appraisal app, which enables remote appraisals. Training concepts are also being developed at the DEKRA Academy using virtual and augmented reality. "VALTO 360°" is a Software-as-a-Service platform that provides a visual overview of customers' plant facilities, buildings, assets and equipment, enabling the efficient management of large-scale material testing and inspection, as well as industrial and construction inspection. It eliminates the need for much travel, thus avoiding the associated emissions.


detection of
vehicle parts


To improve road safety, software experts from DEKRA in New Zealand have developed a prototype AI-based self-learning system capable of predicting when vehicle parts will develop faults. The prototype's predictions are already 90 percent accurate. This opens up business opportunities for DEKRA in the medium term, such as by integrating it into fleet management systems. After all, being able to predict when which components will fail with a high degree of probability means repairs can be carried out promptly and cost-effectively – and thus sustainably – without impacting on road safety.




Moritz Gräter

Head of Innovation
& Digitalization

Moritz Gräter is responsible for innovation and digitalization at DEKRA DIGITAL.