Resource management
in buildings

As a contribution to achieving UN SDG 7 ("Affordable and clean energy") and other related goals, we will continually improve the energy efficiency of our buildings and building services based on environmental standards and related measures. This includes, for example, the use of new lighting, heating and cooling technologies, the inspection of green roofs and facades, self-generation of energy by photovoltaic systems and drinking water collection, energy-efficient IT, smart metering, and regular energy audits.

Renewable energy plants installed by DEKRA are cutting emissions and aiding the transition to renewable sources. At our Baden-Baden site, for example, we are using a photovoltaic plant to reduce CO2.

DEKRA recently joined the global RE100 initiative. The aim of RE100 ("RE" standing for "Renewable Electricity"), led by "The Climate Group" in partnership with the CDP, is to promote the procurement of electricity from renewable sources. The initiative brings together numerous influential companies that have committed to obtaining 100 percent of their electricity from renewables.

We attained 100 percent coverage of our electricity demand in Germany through renewable sources in 2020, saving 7,750 metric tons of CO2 per year as a result. We aim to convert our Group-wide electricity consumption to 100 percent renewables by 2025.

This will save us some 22,750 metric tons of CO2 every year. In 2019, we produced 92,303 metric tons of CO2 worldwide (Scope 1 and 2) and consumed 146,488 MWh of electricity and heat.




At its Shanghai test laboratory, DEKRA conducts product performance testing, supply chain audits, and certification of modules, components and materials used in photovoltaic plants. Customers include almost all the world's leading photovoltaic module manufacturers. Our expertise in renewables helps both established and emerging energy markets to optimally meet the growing demands for "green electricity", and to bring safe and efficient photovoltaic systems to global markets. In this context, DEKRA has also joined the "Green League China".