Safeguarding our
employees' future
through ongoing

To be able to achieve all this, it is essential to lay the foundations for long-term corporate success. The key foundation stone is the DEKRA team: our employees, with their know-how and experience. Their expertise is the single most decisive factor determining the quality and reliability of our services. This is why we attach such great importance to education and training. Our aim is to increase the average number of annual training days per employee to more than five by 2025. The scope of professional and personal qualification opportunities across all age groups could hardly be greater, and it builds upon our experience as one of the largest private educational organizations in Germany (the DEKRA Academy). These opportunities span the development of our apprentices and trainees undergoing dual practical and theoretical study courses, through to the qualification program for our DEKRA test engineers and the advanced development training of future leaders and management staff. We also offer courses in foreign languages, first aid, time management, and stress management. We additionally run an in-house health management scheme, with courses on back health, company sports groups, and the biennial Health Day.


Candy Shen

Director Regional Human Resources
& Sustainability 
Region East & South Asia

Candy Shen is strengthening our sustainability initiatives and human resources development in the East & South Asia region.