Alongside regular pay, agreement on objectives, and management awareness, we offer a variety of incentives to actively promote sustainable behavior and improvements, and to contribute relevant ideas. This is encouraged through means such as DEKRA's Ideas Management and Innovation Management systems, as well as local initiatives. We generally foster sustainability and integrity among our employees through awareness-raising, information, and training. Incentives are also provided by the exemplary conduct of managers, and the general direction of our corporate culture. Sustainability always involves dynamic advances and entails transformation processes. We manage this through our Change Management function.





Global DEKRA
Day 2020


Now in its fifth year, the Global DEKRA Day is held under the motto "Sustainability Driving Business", and comprises an information campaign and an ideas competition on the subject of sustainability. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year's DEKRA Day is a digital ideas competition rather than an attended event. Over a period of six weeks starting in September, information packages are being published on the DEKRA Intranet to raise awareness of the issues involved. All DEKRA employees will subsequently be invited to contribute their ideas for conserving resources or improving sustainability within our business or on behalf of our customers.