Less paper consumption
and strict waste
management rules


We also strive to significantly reduce our paper consumption, use recycled paper, and promote efficient, paperless processes and digital forms of collaboration. In Germany alone, DEKRA thereby helps to save 612 metric tons of wood, 6.5 million liters of water and 35 metric tons of CO2 every year. We recently joined the "CEOs bekennen Farbe" ("CEOs take a stand") campaign run by the "Pro Recyclingpapier" initiative to encourage the use of recycled paper. Paper consumption per DEKRA employee decreased once again in 2019 – by around 10 percent relative to 2018, and by around 15 percent relative to 2017. Moreover, through our waste management and recycling rules, avoidance of disposable products, waste separation, reduction of plastic use, and responsible water and chemicals management, we aim to ensure the sustainable use of resources, and the preservation of air and water quality.