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Marleen Vollriede

Project Manager
Sustainability Services
DEKRA Assurance Services

Marleen Vollriede assists DEKRA's sustainability management in projects of strategic importance.

Through our services, we aim to make a material contribution to sustainable and safe development in all areas of life. But what does "material" actually mean for us? No more and no less than focusing on where we have the greatest impact on sustainable development in the economy, environment and society, and on our stakeholders. Yet also focusing on related trends that most influence our own business operations in terms of opportunities and risks, and are highly relevant to stakeholders and their decision-making. This additionally gives us the opportunity to greatly enhance DEKRA's credibility and the trust placed in us as a company and brand, with all the associated competitive advantages.

At the same time, we do not want to just sit on our laurels after achieving our goals, but instead continue growing and expanding upon each achievement. Our internal processes and procedures play a key role in this, as does communication with our customers and suppliers, policy-makers, professional bodies, business and industry professionals, research centers, and NGOs. All of this is constantly underpinned by DEKRA's six sustainability principles: responsible corporate governance, value creation, innovation and future viability, employees, the environment, and society and safety.