Management & governance

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DEKRA embeds sustainability in everything it does, so consequently we ensure that processes and rules are implemented consistently in all departments, Group-wide, and across all hierarchy levels. For us, sustainability also implies values such as compliance, integrity and ethical conduct. All of this enhances our credibility and trustworthiness, and makes us a sought-after point of contact for international decision-makers, organizations, and institutions.



Sustainability at DEKRA has many facets, and is manifested in wide-ranging measures. The overriding principle is responsible corporate governance: We take care to measure the success of our business not only in terms of sales or profitability targets, but also always considering how sustainably our services and processes contribute to viable and ethical economic, environmental and societal development.

Our sustainability strategy is being integrated gradually and comprehensively into all our standards and processes. Sustainability is a management board responsibility: the Corporate Sustainability Division, which works closely with central units, is assigned as a specialist supporting staff unit to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). DEKRA's top management (Executive Committee) is also permanently involved in advancing the strategy.


Vision 2025


In 2015 – the year of our 90th anniversary – we stood at the beginning of a new chapter in our corporate history. We have renewed the statutory mission of our founders in setting out our strategy for the next 10 years. Whether on the road, at work, or at home: in all essential areas of life, DEKRA's experienced experts enhance safety. We aim to have realized our vision of being "the global partner for a safe world" by the time we reach our centenary year.

Our "Vision 2025" sets forth our mission, comprising five elements:

  • Our future vision "We live in a safe world" is founded on the human need for safety, and embodies our commitment to people's safety.
  • Our vision "We will be the global partner for a safe world" describes our ambition for the future.
  • Our mission "We ensure safety" describes our role on behalf of society at large. We ensure safety by the interplay of technology and equipment, standards and practices, as well as mindset and behavior.
  • The Corporate Principles are our strategic imperatives to help to translate our vision into action. They are: economic success, growth, customer focus, globalization, innovation, integration, and people focus.
  • Our People Values serve as a guide for the day-to-day behavior of all DEKRA employees. They include: responsibility for safety, customer orientation, entrepreneurship, team spirit, and integrity.