mobility management

To continue optimizing our carbon footprint in relation to business travel and our vehicle fleet, we assign top priority to measures such as the use of virtual meeting technologies, the encouragement of internal carpools and local public transport, and the preferential booking of rail travel ahead of rental cars and flights. This is in line with our contribution to attaining UN SDG 13 ("Climate action"). Furthermore, staff at our headquarters in Stuttgart benefit from discounted public transport, as well as the "Job-Rad" company bike lease scheme.

We also aim to advance the use of environmentally friendly drive technologies in our vehicle fleet. Our fleet vehicles in Germany produced average emissions of just under 262 kilograms of CO2 per employee in 2019. In addition, two of our divisions have offset more than 366 metric tons of their 2019 vehicle fleet CO2 emissions by means of carbon certificates (CDM Gold Standard). DEKRA's business travel in Germany (by air, rail, and rental car) produced average emissions of 173.5 kilograms of CO2 per employee in 2019. That represents a reduction of around 16 percent compared to 2018, when it was just under 206 kilograms. For example, we are able to save some 1,500 metric tons of CO2 per year by replacing one in four flights with digital meetings.


An eco-friendly


The DEKRA Automotive Solutions team in Bordeaux was honored as an "exemplary company" in the "Mobility Challenge", in which all companies in the French city were able to participate. The challenge was to use alternative means of transport, such as a bicycle, buses and trains instead of a car, to commute to and from work for one week. 60 employees took part with much enthusiasm – not least in view of the parking problems around the DEKRA office. The reward for this combined effort on behalf of the environment was an e-bike, which is now available for anyone in the company to use.