Employee focus
as a core
company value


At DEKRA, we cultivate a culture of collaboration and trust in all areas and at all locations worldwide. Because the expertise, ideas and reliability of our employees are our most important resource. We provide the necessary freedom for our employees to actively shape the future of our company. That also means creating a work environment in which employees feel comfortable, offering inspiring projects and activities, while maintaining a work-life balance. The DEKRA soccer tournament, the DEKRA Ski Cup, the DEKRA motorcycle meet, and many other events, offer the opportunity to engage with colleagues outside the workplace. That motivates our employees to meet the expectations placed upon them, and to act neutrally and independently at all times, in compliance with laws and ethical principles. Their collaboration with customers and colleagues alike is characterized by mutual respect and trust. DEKRA employees are always role models when it comes to safety-aware conduct.


learning processes


At DEKRA, the digital transformation process of education and training activities is powering ahead. We are using numerous innovative tools to enable digital learning content to be provided flexibly to specific target groups, from a central location. These tools include the DEKRA Global Learning Management System (LMS), which encompasses more than 20 languages, and in future will be the home for the in-house training of our employees around the world. Employees decide for themselves when, where, and how fast, they want to learn. The learning content remains permanently accessible, and can be consulted as a reference source or for research purposes. "Lifelong learning" thus becomes a reality for all our employees.

Lifelong learning increasingly also means empowering our employees in the context of digitalization. The DEKRA DIGITAL Academy was created specifically for this purpose: as a space for learning, exchanging ideas, and discussing topics that concern us now, and will continue to do so in the future. The DEKRA DIGITAL Academy is accessible via the LMS and provides content on topics including the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Big Data, cyber security, functional safety, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).



Adriano Iannuzzi

Project Manager
Service Division Training

Adriano Iannuzzi is project manager for the DEKRA Global Learning Management System (LMS).