As an expert organization and state-accredited safety testing organization, some of the services we provide are official in nature – such as periodic vehicle inspections. For us, political influence means engaging with safety policy. Consequently, we are in regular close contact with decision-makers and legislators: we actively participate in political debate, advocating the highest possible standards in all areas of importance in terms of safety on the road, at work, and at home. All legislative procedures that affect our work as a safety service provider are also relevant for us in this context.

Our specialists assist and support policy decision-making and processes by providing expert advice in a wide range of areas and on various consultative bodies, both nationally and internationally. We are an active member of the TIC Council testing, inspection and certification industry body, focusing on the topic areas of "Product Testing/Certification", "Industrial Life Cycle Services", and "Environment, Social and Government". We likewise participate in professional bodies and on expert committees, such as the International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee (CITA), as well as in European Commission working groups. Through regular dialog with the European Commission and the European Parliament, we try to influence current legislation in the interest of high safety standards. This applies particularly to the areas of connected devices, cyber security, circular economy, and intelligent mobility.


DEKRA at the
„SHIFT Mobility“
innovation fair


Will taxis soon be transporting their passengers by air from A to B? What technologies are best for automated driving? How can mobility providers be integrated into Smart City concepts? And above all, how can everything be made to run safely and sustainably? These and other questions were discussed in early September 2020 at "SHIFT Mobility", a side-event of the prestigious IFA electronics fair, in Berlin. The discussion brought together representatives from the mobility, automotive and urban development sectors, as well as leading figures from the research sphere, startups, and investors. DEKRA and DEKRA DIGITAL were also on hand to engage in dialog with decision-makers, establish contacts with potential innovation partners, and underscore our company's standing in the field of safe and sustainable mobility. DEKRA focused on the topics of digitalization, automotive cyber security, sustainability, and micro-mobility.