Our contribution to sustainable development in society at large has many aspects. Our engagement in community initiatives and campaigns includes sports sponsorship, for example through our partnership with the German soccer federation, DFB. We have been an official partner supporting DFB match referees since 2003. DEKRA and the referees each stand for neutrality, professionalism, and fair play. DEKRA France is also working with the Moselle Sport Academy in Metz, supporting elite athletes from the Moselle department in preparing for the 2024 Olympics.


For over 15 years, DEKRA has also been working to protect school first-graders by distributing its popular red baseball caps to them as a means of raising road safety awareness. Almost three million caps have been handed out as part of the campaign to date. Additionally, in our role as a pioneer, we also present the DEKRA Award in recognition of new safety solutions. We have developed a standard for safe micro-mobility. The comprehensive DEKRA Micromobility Standard scrutinizes mobility packages in all aspects. The main target groups for these bundled expert services are “Mobility as a Service” providers, such as e-scooter rental companies, and cities where such rental services are available.



We also bring about positive social impact in the education sector. For example, we offer integration and language courses for refugees, as well as specific vocational training together with cooperation partners. We also support the dual practical and theoretical training of nurses and carers in Europe and South America. And with our nationwide "Toys Company" program, we are laying key foundations for reintegrating the long-term unemployed into the primary labor market in Germany. The DEKRA Group is a major employer, creating jobs in many different locations. This is another way in which we are making an important contribution to the community. Recently, for example, DEKRA was named one of the "Diversity Leaders 2020" by the Financial Times, and nominated "Top National Employer 2020" by FOCUS magazine.





League: DEKRA
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Starting in 2023, the HYRAZE League, launched by HWA AG, will be the first car racing series in the world to rely on environmentally friendly hydrogen as its power source. The races will feature 800 horsepower hydrogen cars. The power for the zero-emissions race cars will be supplied by green hydrogen, converted into electricity to run the four electric motors in the two on-board fuel cells. DEKRA, in its role as a visionary in the field, is the safety partner of the project. In conjunction with the German Motorsport Federation, a safety concept is being developed with a focus on protecting the hydrogen components, the drivers, and spectators. Deformable elements absorb energy in the event of a T-bone crash, and a high-strength carbon structure provides the hydrogen tanks – likewise made of carbon fiber – with effective protection against any conceivable crash loads. Accordingly, DEKRA is conducting independent tests on prototype components at its test laboratories. The aim is to draw up regulations approved by the FIA.



social responsibility


DEKRA also acknowledges its corporate responsibility to society at large. As one example, DEKRA Industrial Spain was selected by the Barcelona city council to be part of its "Responsible Businesses in Barcelona" project. The city's local development agency, Barcelona Activia, has developed a specific advisory program to help companies foster corporate social responsibility (CSR). DEKRA Industrial Spain will in future be supporting the city's corporate social responsibility policies by acting as a CSR ambassador to other businesses. DEKRA East & South Asia also recently received another award, being named top testing, inspection and certification provider of the year in the energy storage sector. DEKRA Service France is demonstrating our corporate social responsibility in a number of ways, including through the participation of 63 teams in a nationwide campaign run by the "Association Rêves" ("Dreams Association"), an organization which fulfills the wishes of severely ill children.