Safety creates sustainability

With our broad sustainability portfolio, we are contributing to sustainable development in the environment, the economy, and society. This demonstrates how extensively our experts in the various DEKRA Service Divisions are committed to sustainability through their professionalism and neutrality.


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Industrial Inspection Service Division
  • Environmental and safety inspections of manufacturing facilities
  • Air, soil and water pollution analyses by DEKRA measuring stations
  • Testing of wind power plants throughout their life cycle
  • Inspecting rail operators' infrastructure
  • Product Testing Service Division
Vehicle Inspection Service Division
  • Vehicle exhaust inspections and emissions testing
  • Real-world mobile emissions measurements using PEMS (Portable Emissions Measurement System)
Product Testing Service Division
  • Product testing and certification with appraisals according to the latest environmental standards
  • Investigations of substances, fuels, and recycling materials
  • Testing of toys and care products for children according to relevant standards
  • Testing and certification of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure
Temp Work Service Division
  • International exchange of skilled specialists for recruiting international staff for the labor market
  • Occupational health and safety specialists make workplaces at customer organizations safer
Consulting Service Division 
  • Consulting and support to improve corporate sustainability
  • Critical testing, affirmation and verification of product sustainability (e.g. EPEAT)
  • Complete sustainable building portfolio
  • Sustainability analysis and evaluation for professional sports clubs
Audit Service Division
  • Regular in-house auditing of sustainability standards
  • Introduction and certification of health and safety and environmental management systems according to the relevant ISO standards
Training Service Division
  • Language and integration courses, as well as training in preparation for joining the job market
  • Management and staff training in EHS, energy management, and fire protection
Claims & Expertise Service Division
  • Expert appraisals for the planning and installation of photovoltaic plants
  • Studies on the impact of environmental disasters and the damage they cause

Corine N. Kana

Product Manager
Region Germany

Product manager Corine N. Kana assists with the optimal integration of sustainability and environmental protection for our customers.


Sustainability in
professional soccer


Together with sustainable//sports, an organization based in Basel in Switzerland, DEKRA has developed a catalog of criteria that aids sustainability auditing of professional sports clubs in relation to the environment, emissions and energy, management and strategy, stakeholders, and corporate social responsibility. It identifies cost-cutting potential through resource savings, such as in relation to the consumption of energy, water, and materials. 



In addition to the environmental aspects, it also assesses sustainability in terms of economic impact and social responsibility. Ratings are based on a traffic light scoring system, culminating in award of the gold, silver or bronze "sustainClub" label. The label is a key tool for strategic planning, helping with internal and external benchmarking, and showing clubs where there is potential for improvement. It also enables clubs to publicize their role as pioneers. DEKRA additionally provides sustainability analyses and standards specifically for sports associations and sporting events.



an automated


In 2019, experts from the DEKRA Technology Center (DTC) in Klettwitz conducted appraisals as the basis for trials of a driverless minibus on public roads in Wusterhausen/Dosse in the Ostprignitz-Ruppin district of the state of Brandenburg. The second-generation "EasyMile EZ10" model from French manufacturer Ligier has six seats, and can travel at speeds of up to 15 km/h. Extensive testing and inspection was required in order to obtain the vehicle's individual operating permit. This involved measuring standard technical parameters such as the vehicle's brakes, steering, lights, and top speed. The special considerations in respect of automated vehicles were also incorporated. This related in particular to the additional on-board sensor systems for automated driving, as well as the requirements for manual control. Extensive behavioral tests were conducted in automated driving scenarios for this purpose, including with regard to recognition of other road users and infrastructure.






China: sustainability
and safety in the
photovoltaic industry


China is one of the world's largest photovoltaic markets, and a center of production for this sustainable form of energy generation. Subsidized by the government, new photovoltaic plants with a capacity of 30.1 GW were installed in 2019, representing a 32 percent increase over the previous year. DEKRA East & South Asia assists and promotes the photovoltaic industry with a broad-ranging and comprehensive portfolio of services, such as product certification, and auditing of supply chains and production facilities in order to ensure the safety of the solar market.

As well as working closely with local testing organizations, DEKRA has set up its own photovoltaic lab in Shanghai to ensure the quality of testing. Customers include almost all the world's leading photovoltaic module manufacturers. Our expertise in renewables helps both established and emerging energy markets to optimally meet the growing demands for "green electricity", and to bring safe and efficient photovoltaic systems to global markets.

DEKRA has also joined the "Green League" of the China Green Supply Chain Alliance (China ECOPV Alliance). The alliance is a collaboration and communication platform that promotes the professional development of a green supply chain for the photovoltaic industry. ECOPV's goal is to apply advanced green photovoltaic technology throughout the life cycle.