Employees & society

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Being socially responsible, both internally and externally, is deeply embedded in DEKRA's DNA. That is true across the board, whether in regard to our employees, health and safety at work, training, diversity and equal opportunities, or general human rights and community engagement.

We make a positive contribution to society in many ways through our expertise and the services we provide. First and foremost in the way that we promote safety in all areas of life – on the road, at work, and at home. After all, safety is a human being's greatest good. If it is put at risk, this can have far-reaching consequences. Alongside our expert services, we likewise ensure safe and fair business relations, safeguard minimum social and ecological standards in our value chain, and drive innovation for the safety of tomorrow. We also offer attractive and secure jobs, are proactive in the areas of integration, education and training, and are committed to the common good through our support for wide-ranging and sustainable community initiatives and campaigns.