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The issue of greenhouse gas emissions is central to our environmental management agenda. To reduce these emissions and consume fewer natural resources, we are implementing a range of measures which are regularly analyzed and evaluated in terms of their efficacy. The focus is on energy consumption (of our buildings), business travel, and our vehicle fleet. In accordance with our environmental protection policy, derived energy efficiency projects and preventive measures for avoiding and minimizing environmental pollution are registered centrally and implemented locally at the DEKRA sites. In each case, we record the figures for energy consumption (electricity, heating/cooling) and related greenhouse gas emissions and for greenhouse gas emissions caused by business travel (by air, train, car) and our vehicle fleet. We will also be recording figures for waste and water in stages through to 2025. We aim to reduce our overall Group-wide carbon footprint by 50 percent relative to 2018 by 2025.

Peter Paul Ruschin

Head of Sustainability Services,
DEKRA Assurance Services

Peter Paul Ruschin is responsible for developing and implementing the in-house environmental management program.