Ensuring occupational
health and safety

In line with our corporate vision of becoming the global partner for a safe world, we are especially committed to occupational health and safety. It is our declared aim to avoid or reduce accidents at work as far as possible, and to eliminate potential hazards. An internal network of occupational safety experts implements the individual management systems to that end on a site-specific basis. Encouragingly, the figures relating to the severity of accidents continue to decrease. Specifically, we aim to reduce our accident rate by 30 percent relative to 2018 by 2025. DEKRA has also joined the "Vision Zero" campaign. The global campaign aims to avoid occupational accidents and illnesses by taking preventive measures. In accordance with the "7 Golden Rules" of the "Vision Zero" campaign, we ensure safe and healthy working conditions at DEKRA. Potential risks to the health and safety of our employees are systematically identified, and mitigated by means of suitable measures.



In corporate health management, site-specific programs are implemented as a primary measure. These include health courses and advice on preventive measures, stress management training, sports events, and health action days. We regularly reach out to local employees with our nutrition advice tour for example. In the fall, we offer flu vaccinations. Ergonomic training at the workplace helps to combat tension and back problems. A running club, gymnastics and yoga classes are also available. And because cycling is not only good for the environment but for one's health too, DEKRA employees can lease bicycles and e-bikes at affordable rates through the "Job-Rad" program. To maintain the work-life balance – which is also a crucial factor with regard to health – we offer our employees part-time working models, mobile working, and custom solutions tailored to specific needs.

Culture of


"Occupational health and safety are key value drivers of our business. The goal of all our efforts is to create a culture of prevention, in order to be safe and healthy at work as well as in everyday life. Through the Group-wide network of EHS managers, we aim to achieve a common understanding and uniform levels of occupational health and safety. We are aided in this by the DEKRA EHS Policy, which sets out our key principles and objectives worldwide. Selected health measures can help to keep employees productive and healthy so as to build and enhance health resources within the company. At the DEKRA headquarters in Stuttgart, we offer health days, exercise and relaxation courses, as well as preventive checks such as skin screening. The current coronavirus pandemic also demonstrates how important health is for all areas of life. DEKRA has been implementing measures at Group level to prevent infection with COVID-19 and to contain risks since January 2020."



Faith Yilmaz




DEKRA North America works with Virgin Pulse to promote the health and well-being of its employees and proactively encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyles. The concept encompasses initiatives promoting regular physical exercise, smart food choices, stress reduction and high quality sleep, as well as preventive medical screening. The program includes a free fitness tracker, and offers financial rewards for healthy activities. In addition, the Wellness Program offers employees the opportunity to maintain and improve their health throughout the year by taking on challenges for four to six weeks, focused on specific healthy behaviors – both individually and as part of a team.


Nature –
Body – Mind

In China, DEKRA employees are personally committed to sustainability and climate protection. More than 200 of them have signed up to the DEKRA East & South Asia "NBM Stars" program. "N" stands for Nature, "B" for Body and "M" for Mind. Some employees are adopting a low-carbon lifestyle and planting trees, some are involved in sports groups, while others are undergoing training to improve their mental resilience. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, employees are thereby make a contribution to sustainability as individuals, and as part of the DEKRA family.