in cooperation with
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The provision of our services demands the procurement of products and materials such as office supplies and test equipment. We have laid down basic principles and minimum standards in a binding Sustainability Code of Conduct for suppliers. In addition to process and quality criteria, our supplier requirements also focus on sustainability-related issues such as product responsibility and environmental impact throughout the product life cycle. We are gradually implementing sustainable procurement preferences in our purchasing decisions. Environmentally friendly and socially sustainable alternatives are preferred if they are available at reasonable cost.

Detailed sustainability audits are being conducted at 15 major national and international suppliers in 2020. We aim to have reviewed the sustainability of all our Global Procurement suppliers by 2024. Also, our Procurement staff undergo regular training on sustainability in the supply chain. 93 percent of them did so in 2020.



Pierre Ribeill

Head of Global Procurement 
Corporate Global Procurement

As the head of his team, Pierre Ribeill manages the sustainable development of DEKRA's global procurement.